Dynamo 5 PRO hairdressing scissors

Dynamo 5 Pro hairdressing scissors are state of the art high precision haircutting scissors for today’s professionals. Dynamo 5 Pro are a hairdressing scissor specialist company, based in the UK, who have designed and retail this unique professional hairdressing scissor.

Personal hairdressing technique

Our scissors are hand crafted to the highest specifications. They are designed to allow hairdressers to remove length, texturize, slice and thin hair using one hairdressing tool only. The combination of expert precision engineering, unique design and craftsmanship allow hairdressers to cut hair with a revolutionary artistic freedom. Each individual stylist can interpret the multiple abilities of the scissor to create their own distinct style, quality and character to suit their personal haircutting technique.

Professional scissors

Our experience Japanese engineer, who is an expert in the production of professional scissors to the hairdressing and barbering industry personally supervises our all manufacturing process.

Excellent hairdressing cutting instruments

We use “V-10”, “ATS-314” and “Damascus” alloy material from Japan. Our professional scissor manufacturing process is quality controlled by our Japanese engineer who is highly experienced in producing an excellent standard of hair cutting instruments.

Register your interest

Please use our contact page to register your interest in our haircutting tool. We are due to launch this product in 2016 and will contact you with more information.